Sun Blessing - The Birthday of the Sun

Sun Blessing – The Birthday of the Sun

In 2009, we organized a Birkat HaChama in Safed Israel. – Birkat HaChama means in Hebrew “Blessing of the Sun” that happens only every 28 years.

At the event we gathered all communities in the Holy Land and the world to open a gateway of hope and renewal for the next cycle of life, as the sun revisited the point of its creation. In Safed we united all faiths, all walks of life, and people in all their diversity, as the Sun revisited its original place of birth.

The Birkat HaChama occured on Passover and Easter, in April 2009.  At the event we offer a special prayer of hope for a better world where we can finally inhabit the meaning of FREEDOM in ourselves, around us, for our neighbors, with our loved ones, and for the world in its fullest sense of manifestation. Those who joined us at the Sun Blessing event in Safed, renewed their individual lives, learned about innovative solar energy resources, and gained renewed faith in humanity, as well as joining its mystical power with other cities in the Holy Land, especially Jerusalem, and the rest of the world.


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