The Miriam Felicia Lindberg Memorial Foundation re-launched its Poetry for Peace contest, seeking the new poems that most appropriately strengthen the call for peace and loving kindness in our challenging world.

On Tuesday, February 23, 2010, a ceremony was held at Beit Leyvik, Dov Hoz 30, Tel Aviv, at 7 pm, to honor the memory of Prof. Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg on the second anniversary of her passing and to launch this year’s poetry contest. She established the Foundation 20 years ago, and the contest shortly thereafter, in memory of my sister Miriam, a young and talented seeker of peace through poetry and art. My mother herself, a physician, a scientist, a psychiatrist and a poet sought to heal a literally ailing world as well as to locate the clue to peace. The following day, we will visit the Lindberg graves in Jerusalem.

Through our artistic and aesthetic endeavors let us spread the message of hope for a better world! True Peace and Loving kindness in our current turbulent world, may seem unobtainable, yet poets are the ones that make the unachievable possible.

The Winning Poem

On October 11, 2010, at a poetry and music event, which marked the 35th anniversary of Miriam F. Lindberg’s passing. The foundation awarded W.F. Lantry with the winning poem


Towards the sea or mountains, almost blest
we carried everything we could
but did not dare to name
and with our hands, conveyed the mysteries
the stark reflections of a place we could not comprehend
we thought objects could push us to transcend
our images, an ear of corn
if contemplated well
could be a lamp to guide us on this trace
or just a blossom, held in sight
a moment could reverse
our years of wandering, let us converse
in tongues we know, voices of flame
in darkness understood
as light illuminating what the mind
conceived without the expertise
of interwoven forms

as if the mountain winds or wave dressed storms
surpassed our words, as if the thorn
gave meaning as it fell
along this unmarked path where intertwined
roses and broken canes relight
this road towards the west.

REMARKS FROM THE POET: A kiste was a small box, a kind of chest, really, which was at the center of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The secret of its contents was so well guarded that even today, no-one knows exactly was inside. And so in the poem, we go wandering, searching for a place of peace, bearing the secret with us, but hardly understanding it. We just have the intuition that if only we could fully grasp it, or understand the voices in the darkness, we could find that place of peace, that promised land the unmarked path may lead to, but even our own words, our cherished objects, our interwoven forms, confuse us. The pentameter, tetrameter, trimeter repeating stanza is my own invention, as is the rhyme scheme.

Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg, came miraculously through the worst horrors on earth, those of World War II. This project is now in her honor as well as in honor of my sister Miriam. May their spirit keep inspiring others with the undimmable hope for a healed and more human world.

Chairman ~ Eva Ariela Lindberg
Treasurer ~ David Hessel
Secretary ~ Efrat Hagai

Mike Scheidemann
Jeffrey M. Green
Hayim Abramson, Ph.D.

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The Lindberg Peace Foundation encourages innovative poetic compositions and organizes international Poetry for Peace Competitions that grants awards to gifted, yet unpublished poets. The Foundation publishes the writings of Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg and Miriam Felicia Lindberg and focuses on developing all-inclusive programs for Peace.