POETRY for PEACE event ~ Words creates Worlds

Welcome to live music, art, presentations, poems hoping to change our world with spoken words, healthy refreshments and more.

Tulip Center, Talbiye ~ Thursday, Oct. 15, 7pm

The Lindberg Peace Foundation, will host a special Poetry, Art & Music for the public to enjoy, on Thursday, October 15, 2015, at the Tulip Center in Jerusalem. This annual event will focus more on Miriam Felicia Lindberg's young life 1957- 1975, blessed her soul. The 40th year Memorial Happening will be a joint venture of Poetry for Peace, as well as Artistic expressions of Music, Muse & Movement. Poems will also be read by Professor G. Stendig-Lindberg's books.

This year we will also include the International Poetry events of 100.000 Poets for Change, as well as VOICES Israel, which Professor G. Stendig-Lindberg was a member of. Eva Ariela Lindberg will project her 5th Dimensional Art, www.evaariela.com, and at the end of the event, and people are invited to dance in the '5th Dimensional landscape' with music. Part of the 5th Dimensional multi-media art show will be a movement piece with the Flamenco Dancer, Micaela Harari, www.flamenca.co.il

October 15, 2015

Open Doors 19:00 (begin 19:15)

Two-day event

19.00 Opening: Where Have All the Flowers Gone


Poetry for Peace: 40 Years of Remembering Miriam Lindberg (1957-1975)
Remembering Miriam and Gustawa-Eva Ariela Lindberg
Powerpoint presentation

Poems from History Through My Eyes (Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg)
Peace Will Come (p. 31)
A New Millennium Prayer (p. 110)

Poem from The Song of Miriam (Miriam Lindberg 1957-1975)
Poem for My Mother (musical arrangement end of book, poem p. 36)
The Seeker (p. 53)
My Harbinger (musical arrangement end of book, poem p. 42)

Into the Light (Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg)
War and Peace (p.23)
The Gate of Mercy in Jerusalem (p.38)


Music & Art Micaela Harari (Flamenco Dancer)



Poetry readings - Hayim Abramson, Reuven Goldfarb
Poetry readings - Karen Alkalay-Gut, Yvette Nahmia, Avril Meallem Altman

Music ~ Jacques Guenoun (Piano)

Poetry reading/Singing_ Miriam Ohevetel Iron (Singing)
Poetry reading - Itzhak Marmorstein


Music ~ Glenn Rubel (Guitar)

Poetry reading - Alden Solovy
Poetry reading - Ruth Sager

5th Dimensional Art projection - COMMUNITY DANCE

Friday, 16 October, 11am ~ Modiin Memorial Forest
Family & Friends Nature event

Modiin Memorial Forest for Miriam Felicia Lindberg where 1000 trees are planted. KKL representative will talk about the forests, maybe be able to plant trees, kids activities, poetry and music in nature.

Live music with guitarist and Harpist Shalev ben Yaakob. Stay tuned!

Below is a Facebook link to the general program, and we will have a nice line up of musicians, dancer, poets and more.

Location: Tulip Center in Talbiye, Jerusalem.

To RSVP, location & for directions, please contact:

Eva Ariela Lindberg

Jerusalem 054-4860597 | USA: (510) 527 4389

Miriam Felicia Lindberg's 40th Yorzeit ~ Kiddush at Beit HaRav Kuk, Jerusalem

The coming shabbat, 17 October, 2015/Dalet be Cheshvan, we will have a special Kiddush in Honor of my dear Sister, Miriam Felicia who passed away 40 years ago in Sweden at the Beit Knesset of Beit HaRav Kuk, which was the first Chief Rabbi of Israel.

Please join us for Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat morning tefilla, with the amazing singing and prayers of Nachman Solomon.
Click here for Facebook Event
Prayers begin for Shacharit at 9am and Kiddush will be around 11 am.

Click here for the powerpoint slideshow "Miriam's life, 40th Memorial"